Vietnam (1968-1970)
The Ghost of Tom
The Big Bug Story
Earthly Journeys

Europe (1970-1974)
Apples and Moonlight
The Green Peugeot
The Green Window
The Summer of Raj
The Winter of Rod
The Swiss Conspiracy
The Frogs at Home
Mike's Bike
The Joys of Camping
Life with Guitar Accompaniment
Hjälp Mig!

Philippines (1975-1976)
Sold Alive
Ambiguity of WE
Earthquakes and Typhoons I've Known

Hong Kong/China (1977-1985)
Eat Rice Eat Noodles
Frequent Flyer
Just Like Jesus
Alice and the French Nun
The Real Bus Eleven
The Chinese Santa

Nevada/California (1986-1991)
Echo Lake
My Skinny Little Mexican Wedding
Tell Me about Grief
Mustang Ranch
I've Been Framed
Camping in Style
The Weather Outside is Frightful
A History of South America
One Morning in March
The Mornings of Scoobie
What Ever Happened to Leonard?

Oregon (1992-2011)
Cracks in the Sidewalk
Sea of Clouds
Seize the Moment
Mr. Poole and I
The Ghost on Bus 20
Lilies of the Field

Kudzu in the Republican Party's Garden
Of Roys and Republicans
Bird Cage ... Love it or Leave It!
America Worship

Amaterasu to Zoroaster
A Box Full of Diamonds
Adam and Eve Rode Their Dinosaur to Church
The Weird Psychic
The Virgins of Kolob
Scared to Death
A Risky Business
Don We Now Our Awesome Apparel
A Harp … A Home … A Mansion Fair
Noah vs. Santa
Saving Catholics
Try on the Shoes First
20,000 Souls Straight to Hell
Somewhere under the Rainbow
Who’s Afraid?
Moral Evaluations
The Narrow Gate
The Pool of Siloam

Archives and IMHO
The Tithing Myth
Traditional American Values

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