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Kudzu in the Republican Party's Garden
The Fundamentalists keep taking over
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Howling at the Moon

A couple of years ago a news segment aired on KGW here in Portland. A hiker somewhere in Clackamas County near Estacada had encountered an unusual plant, and had brought a sample to a Portland State University botanist. That evening the media all over the Pacific Northwest issued a warning, showing photos of the vines and leaves. It was called Kudzu.

Originally imported to the United States from the Far East in the early 1900s as a means of erosion control, it really took to its new home and began a rapid takeover that has become a nightmare in the Southern states.

Only a few decades ago, the Republican Party planted a fast-growing non‑native species in it's political garden. It was called Christian Fundamentalism, and it has been taking over ever since. Will they ever be able to control it? It's too late. It is the party.

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Feed me, Seymour!

The Christian Right... It was such an innocent-looking little thing. And the good Republicans took it in and nurtured it with the lifeblood of their party's real principles. It came in handy for dispatching others who got in their way. Now it has become the mean green preachin' machine. But do they have the heart to kill it before it eats them completely?

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